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Nina Turner's Grandma: The Three Bones + Two Lynchings

In our morning coffee today, my partner shared with me this gutpunching wisdom bomb from Nina Turner’s grandmother. (For those who don’t know, Nina Turner is the burning soul fire of the Bernie campaign.)

#1: The Wish Bone. Holding the vision. “The Dream is the Driver.”

#2: The Jaw Bone. “The courage to Speak Truth to Power.”

#3: Back Bone. None of it matters, unless you have the strength and willpower to stand up for your values.

Watch her 1:11 minute video. Gives me chills.

Two black men were lynched this week in California.

Robert Fuller and Malcolm Harsch - #SayTheirNames. Countless more have been murdered by the police.

To quote Nina Turner, do we have “the Courage enough, the Hope enough, the Fight enough, the Love enough to do what is necessary?”

Do we, as a country, have The Three Bones?

Thank you, Grandma Turner.