@manton Specifically if you click on "SHOW MORE" you can see his timecodes. Chase is a crazy man so maybe he does this by hand, but he's a web designer so I always figured he had software to do it. Maybe he has a VA... or maybe he really does do it manually.

@manton And this is is what I was hoping you guys could do - sorry for the ridiculousness in advance, but I <3 Chase Reeves haha - www.youtube.com/watch

@manton (only thing really different there is the very obvious permalink) and then Tim Ferriss (I actually never listen to this) has some autotranscription I think.

@manton I don't actually listen to these, but I love the way these guys organize information: www.theminimalists.com/podcast/

@manton Hi Manton!! I have no idea what the best way is to contact you, but I had this Micro.blog open window already and it pulled you right up. This is Ki :)